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Concept art from The Adventures of Abacus cartoon series (in development, 2022)

Sun Door Media recently returned from Heritage Canada's fantastic Creative Industries Trade Mission to Europe. It was a whirlwind trip, taking us to Berlin, Stockholm, and Amsterdam to meet with potential co-production partners and collaborators before returning us to Vancouver in just under two weeks. SDM made significant contacts with European interactive, music, and film companies interested in our diverse slate of cultural media projects. We gratefully acknowledge the generous support of our province's wonderful creative industry catalysts Creative BC & Music BC! Many thanks to all who helped make this initiative possible!

Sun Door Media is currently developing KOOKYTOWN  -- a cartoon IP for international audiences which includes two kids' animation series, Good Times with Blueberry & Quack, and The Adventures of Abacus. These projects are more or less top secret! However, we do have pilot episodes, pitch decks, character designs, and artwork available to share with select potential co-production partners or investors.

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Art Team: A Roberts, M Lenover, R Hardyanto, Guy Yu, J Medvedska

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Abacus the cat embarks on a quest to find a medicinal cure for his physically disabled kid sister, and accidentally discovers Avion - a mysterious planet of bird-people whose enchanted soda pop infuses him with superpowers, vaulting him to the toast of high society, and drawing him into a web of interstellar intrigue!

ABA CLARA SS Thumb.png

The Adventures of Abacus = character test / teaser for our upcoming animated adventure series. Abacus & Clara are out for a late night walk and talk. And then . . .

Good Times with Blueberry & Quack! = Humorous 1-6 minute narrative episodes that teach and convey survival & social skills for kids aged 5-7. Audiences join Blueberry the bumbling Bear & Quack the cranky Duck as they learn to get along with others and face the simple joys and challenges of each new day. Despite differences, and the odd rumble, BB & Q are best buddies, and always there for each other when the chips are down! 

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