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Anthony B Roberts is a writer-director-producer-composer and cartoon character designer active in the fields of film, writing, music, animation, film soundtracks, voice acting, and software development. Founder of Sun Door Media & Riverine Software, he has extensive experience as a creative director and technology designer. A pioneer in the Canadian indie music and multimedia scene, he conceived, wrote, co-directed, and produced The Soft Revolution, the world's first interactive feature movie with "infinite" running time based on the Taoist I Ching, which was an official selection of the Toronto International Film Festival. Anthony narrated the Four Classic Chinese Novels series for CNTV, and has appeared in countless voice acting roles. He has composed soundtracks for several TV and film productions, and has written and produced music for the indie psychedelic punk bands Mars Lander, LSD 49, The Lamps, and his upcoming project, Callisto.


Anthony works as business consultant, artist, educator, and learning designer in North America and Asia. Work experiences include communications management, media production, sound design, radio broadcasting, voice acting, editing, academic research, educational technology and learning design, and instruction in English literature, writing, and speaking, and art-music education. He speaks basic Mandarin, Japanese, Thai, and Spanish.


Masters, Communication/Publishing, Simon Fraser University

BA, Asian Studies/Japanese, University of British Columbia

BEd, Education, Lakehead University

MA, Higher Education, University of British Columbia (December 2022)

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