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Movies & Music

Sun Door Media provides story-driven content for film, tv, animation, music, audiobooks, and videogames. It has several streaming series and feature movies in development, including a new, proprietary cartoon IP, designed in-house for the Asian & worldwide markets. We have attractive profit-sharing incentives for potential co-production partners and investors. Screenplays, storyboards, full synopses, treatments, story bibles, concept art, pitch decks, characters and other art assets may be viewed after nudging SDM's general manager via our contact form. Don't be shy -- we look forward to communicating with you! In the meantime, feel free to look around . . .  and CLICK IMAGES to LISTEN to the MUSIC!

Feature movie or 12 x 30 min streaming series episodes / Proposed Canada-USA co-production

BO Poster 2022 T book 2 copy.jpg

Blackout = based on an original story.  Proposed action-adventure film or rotoscope animation series. Pilot episode screenplay available.

Mars Lander album cover

Mars Lander = this psychedelic space-rock band goes interplanetary yet positively reeks of the garage. Tune into the first seven tracks from their debut album -- I Have a Soul and it's Loaded (2020) . . . click image to listen . . .

Soft Revolution movie poster

The Soft Revolution = the world's first feature length interactive movie with 'infinite' running time, based on the 64 parables of the Taoist I Ching. Official Selection = Toronto International Film Festival.  Click image to view demo (10 min.)  . . .

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Callistoriver header 5.jpg

The River  


1st RELEASE Nov 8 2022

Pt 2 of 6 from The River

LSD-49 90s album Truth and Explosions

LSD 49 were a pioneering avant-garde musical combo mashing equal parts loopy party tracks, sound collage, driving post-rock guitar and sublime psychedelia. A long-lost master tape of this mysterious group's debut album from the early 90's has re-surfaced: Truth & Explosions is LSD 49's soaring and funny surrealistic masterpiece from ancient times . Click image to listen . . .

The Lamps album Unexplained '96

The Lamps = first seven demo tracks from an unfinished album - Unexplained - by this mid-90s Vancouver indie psych-rock band who, after winning the Battle of the Bands at San Francisco's SOMAR Gallery, soon after crashed and burned for no good reason. Click image to listen . . .

lsd 49 Not For Broadcast 14 min video

(Video, 14 min.) This combination of ironically re-arranged television, found footage, and original animation was used as a video back-screen for LSD 49's live show The Giant Hallucination Machine. Music tracks: From Savagery; Escape (1992) 2:00 - 3:40, Blizzard (1991) 6:58 - 7:49, From Savagery; Escape, return (1992) 9:42 - 13:47 . . . Images arranged by The Truth Channel .  Click image to view video

brit music club, kid's rock vancouver school

The Brit Music Club was a select group of Grade 6 and 7 inner-city music students from Britannia Elementary in Vancouver. The kids sung or rapped all seven songs, with tracks performed and produced by their music teacher. Click image to listen  .  .  .

abr, sun door media

Voice actor

My 2.5 minute voiceover demo edit (June 2020) shows a variety of character voices I've recorded in my home studio for cartoons, video games, radio plays and ads. The last three samples are voices of gangster characters. Click pic to access voice over demos on Soundcloud.

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SDR's Archive Jukebox Corner

Here we periodically post tracks from our extensive song and music soundtrack catalogue for your considered listening experience. We hope you will enjoy! Contact us for music licensing or music production.

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Click IMAges to Listen now

all cities are tokyo

Click IMAGES to LISTEN now

Rough mixes for peer feedback

If you're reading this you've probably been provided access to this page by it's author to have a look and listen. Feel free to send us your feedback on the upcoming tracks by Callisto, or anything else you might be interested in, through our contact page.

Callisto ~ The River

Ray, dirt merchant from Blackout
Ray: portrait from Blackout

Pts 1,2 & 3 (demo)

The Eurydice

Quack surprised gif
Wooden picture frame

The River by Callisto

Pt. 4 (demo)

Watch this space

for new updates!

Oxus (rough mix demo)

Click pics to access music

Parts 1, 2 & 3 and 4 of 6. The River is a mixed instrumental / vocal piece and soundtrack music for the post-apocalyptic adventure series Blackout. The first three minutes of instrumental are the soundtrack’s theme. The music and lyrics of this sprawling 27-minute track reflect the perspective, backstory, and adventures of the character Ray, a treasure hunter who discovers an artifact encoded with ancient Chinese medical cures that may hold humanity's only hope for survival. Ray, once a scholar, lost his wife and child in an earthquake twenty-five years earlier. Turning his back on polite society, and driven half-mad with untreated PTSD, Ray now lives by his wits in a constant state of movement, travelling to obscure, dangerous regions of the Golden Triangle, in search of treasure, mystery, and redemption.

Mars Lander band image
Mars Lander band strip travel

This psychedelic space-rock band goes interplanetary yet positively reeks of the garage. Tune into the first seven tracks from their debut album -- I Have a Soul and it's Loaded (2020) . . . click image to listen . . .

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